My art encapsulates an intuitive making process with  chosen materials. By transferring motifs from paper, canvas, and print to clay, the products become enablers, to be developed back into the making experience.
 By examining aspects of identity, through walking in natural landscapes, I have responded to the experience and associated memories, en pein air and in the studio. This topographical journeying, creates a fragmentation of concepts, form, and materials. The risk taking and freedom to explore, has encouraged a ‘playful’ remaking, generating on-going development, towards restorative landscapes. 
I am drawn to the enabling and transformative value of creativity, for the individual and the collective, recognising its significance for well-being. With this in mind, I aim to develop my professional practice further within teaching and social engagement.



Born in 1966 in Yorkshire, I moved to Hampshire for University, and graduated with a BA(Hons) in fine art painting from Winchester School of Art in 1989. After studying on a postgraduate diploma course in art therapy, at St Albans college of Art and Design, I worked in various roles within secondary education, and community engagement projects, before training as a secondary teacher of art and design in 2010. While recently studying on an MA in painting at Plymouth College of Art, my painting has developed in new areas of expanded painting and installation. Based in Plymouth, I work as a teacher and artist.




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Detail: oil on canvas